Terms & Privacy

This page describes the terms & conditions for both the bidders and the customers that RAFTALE offers to access. The access of the services is incepted by a legal agreement between the individual and RAFTALE in which the service applicable from the main domain and sub- domain is described. It is recommended that before using RAFTALE you first read the terms and conditions described below in order to avoid any disparity in near future.

  • RAFTALE is a Neutral Platform: - Our website is just a platform where various transportation companies and individuals bid to gain shipment assignments and we personally do not offer any sort of transportation services to the customers. We even do not have any role in the transaction process between the customers and the transporter and therefore we are not responsible for the quality, safety, timely delivery and legal aspects related to various transactions. In addition to this we are not abide to verify the information provided by the transporter and the customers as well as we do not assist in any manner to promote the services of any transporter over the other. We just digitize the services offered by the various transporters in an unbiased manner. Since, we are not involved in any part of the shipment process we cannot even verify the authentication of the items to be transported and accuracy of listings.

  • Membership: - Before engaging with RAFTALE you agree that you are above 18 years of age and can form legal contracts under applicable laws. If you are below 18 years you may use our platform under the guidance of an adult and a transporter must have a legal license to operate the vehicles in the geographies that are listed on the site. In addition to this you also agree that you will not use the leads available on the website for selling, and promoting any service or goods. Once suspended from the site our site will not be able to serve you for any service in near future.

  • Fees: - We do not charge any sort of enrollment fees on our website and a share may be charged if  an auction has been quoted by the customers for the delivery of any particular good.

  • Deposits & Payments: - For payment of the shipment a customer gets two options after the acceptance of a bid from a transporter. The customers has the right to control the payment in varied circumstances. After the delivery of the shipment the customer gives the confirmation  to RAFTALE and then the team passes the payment code to the transporter for the release of the payment. In case of any dispute related to the payment the team of RAFTALE cannot release the payment code without the proper consent of the customer and after getting a confirmation from the customer the team has the rights to release the payment to the transporter.

  • Chargebacks: - Unanticipated chargebacks against RAFTALE will not be entertained and will result in the permanent seizing of the account. In case of unwanted deduction of amount without a proper bill then the customer may notify the team of RAFTALE.

  • Unpaid Fees: -  Due to any reason if you have not deposit the fees of the last shipment requirement then RAFTALE has the right to seize your account and for any future shipment requirement you agree to pay such unpaid fees in an immediate manner.

  • Cancellations And Account Credits: - Situation of cancellation arises when a customer has accepted the quote from the transporter from RAFTALE and the two parties have to communicate mutually on the same. RAFTALE will not be participating in any sort of discussion about the same. The party has to notify about the cancellation within 72 hours to the other party. The customer is not charged any amount at the first cancellation and later on for each cancellation a significant amount is charged according to the match rate of the requirement. The customer has to state a valid reason for the cancellation of the requirement.

  • No Collaborations: - The transporters listed on RAFTALE cannot state any sort of partnership, affiliation, certification, accreditation, or joint venture with RAFTALE and  RAFTALE do not give any sort of franchise and does not confirm any sort of relation with either the customer or any transporter.

  • Shipping: - As a shipping customer it is likely that you are bound to complete the transaction after accepting the quote from the transporter and successful delivery of the item. The transaction amount can be varied under following conditions: -
      a) If the transporter has changed the bid amount after the acceptance of the quote.
      b)If the item is damaged or changed or any typographical error is made by the transporter.
      c)You are unable to identify the credentials and authenticate the transporter.

  • Prohibited and Restricted Items: - Items such as explosives, radioactive materials, flammable gases, toxic substance and other dangerous goods are restricted and the goods that cannot be transported commercially are not allowed to be listed on RAFTALE. Responsibility of listing such items on RAFTALE rests with the lister and any postal and non postal laws have to considered by the lister before listing the item on RAFTALE. Listing of such items on RAFTALE may result in legal penalties by the authorities of specific geography and RAFTALE will not interfere in any such matters.

  • Information You Submit: - You are the soul responsible for the information you provide during the registration, providing personal information and must ensure that the listings are true, legal, accurate and are not fraud. Information that consisting any sort of Malware will be treated against the regulations and legal actions will be taken for the same by RAFTALE.

  • Posting In The Community: - RAFTALE reserve the complete right to amend, erase and edit the information displayed on the website. The content consisting vulgarity, obscene, illegal and irrelevant matter will be again charged under legal penalty.

  • Right To Remove Members: - RAFTALE holds the complete right to remove, reject or you r participation at any time with or without a prior notice to you. The circumstance in which it can be done includes a variety of factors and these factors may be kept confidential by the team as per the circumstances.

  • Confidentiality: - The details of the agreement are meant to be kept confidential and must not be disclosed to third party. You agree that all the information possessed by RAFTALE is the exclusive intellectual property of RAFTALE.

  • Taxes: - Any taxes that are applicable during the shipment process is payable the by you and RAFTALE is not bound to pay any sort of Taxes.

  • Records: - We are bound to keep the track record of all sort of transaction and communication record made on RAFTALE and it can be used for our further business requirement.

  • Identity Verification: - During the registration process the individual is bound to present a valid identity card to register on the site, failing which the registration will not be done on the site. At the time of delivery the transporter is also bound to prove the identity to the customer in order to have a smooth shipment process between the two parties.

In addition to the above stated terms & conditions RAFTALE does not offer any sort of warranty for the shipment process and hold the right to amend these terms & conditions without prior informing to the individuals on the website. It is recommended that you should read the terms & conditions on a regular basis to keep yourself updated.